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Tyreseal On Road or Off Road SIY Bottles 1000 ML

Tyreseal On Road or Off Road SIY Bottles 1000 ML

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Tyreseal seal it yourself bottles are available to do it yourself if you cannot find a installer nearby.

3 bottles will do around 4 tyres of 14-17 inch car tyres. We recommend buying 4 for good measure and one will be given free.

This product can be used for cars, vans, trailers, motorcycles, caravans, lorries, etc.

This is very easy to install.

All the instructions come with the bottle. Pump not needed.

Free UK Delivery

Contact Head Office for International Delivery Orders


Tyre Valve remover and size chart will be provided on all orders.

Instructions with using a bottle:

1. Using a Tyre Valve remover, remove the Tyre Valve and let all the air out.

2. Once all the air is out, pull the top bottle lid until it is fully extended with the inserter.

3. Using the size chart, squeeze the right amount of Tyreseal using the Tyreseal bottle inserter.

4. Disconnect the Tyreseal bottle inserter and reinsert the Tyre Valve.

5. Top up the air which was lost during the installation.

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