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Tyreseal provides an almost unlimited market and income earning potential with excellent on-going support, training and development and technical expertise.
With over a billion of tyres currently on our roads at any one time, it is a vast and untapped market sector. 
Why invest in a Tyreseal Franchise over others?
  • Potential 300% gains on your investment so you can triple your investment.
  • Sustainable earning potential of £150,000 per year in your region and £3 million per year in your country.
  • A product that saves people money, fuel and tyres.
  • A product that seal leaks permanently, improves safety and handling, reduces tyre wear, maintains correct tyre pressure, keeps tyres cooler, extend tyre life, guards against punctures and blowouts.
  • This is a product which has the potential to save lives.
  • Your own rewarding and high profitable business with no hardly any competition.
  • Can be run additionally to any existing businesses that you have.
  • A brilliant product for an untapped market with very low competition.
  • Full help and support from the UK based Head Office.
  • A year-round profitable business that is not dependant on seasonal variations.
  • A British made product with European certification.
  • Very reasonable licence fees which can be covered from initial stock provided FREE.
  • Initial investment can be recouped very quickly with product provided.
  • Full training, help and support is provided by a British based company.
  • An honest and ethical business opportunity which people don't lose money.
  • It is simple to operate, gives job satisfaction and requires no special skills.
  •  It is a product that is suitable for almost all pneumatic tyre users.
  • It is saving our current domestic and commercial users thousands every year.
To secure a Franchise/Distribution Licence for a region, Tyreseal World Limited require an Exclusive Licence Fee for an area that includes training and support fee, which is £15,000 minimum (£400 per postcode) for around 15-35 postcodes. This does not include the van but all of the kit with 100 psi compressor and all necessary equipment to perform installations of Tyreseal will be provided. 
Note: Target will be adjusted according to the size of the city. Average target for a city is 10 drums a month for the first year. But there is no target for the first 6 months due to starting and building the business then after that, the first year target will be 10 drums a month or a pallet of 36 drums every 3 months. If the target is not met on time, the company may terminate the contract.  
45 x 20 litre drums will also be provided (£18,000 retail value).

Every postcode is sold at the rate of £400 per postcode. If 35 postcode area or less is taken, you will be still paying £15,000 as we will provide the product retail value of £18,000 so there is no loss.

If 50 postcode areas are taken, you will be paying £20,000 but you will receive 60 x 20 litre drums with the first kit.

In reality, this will not cost you anything as we will provide the product and equipment of your Franchise fees.

Your success is dependent upon the time, effort and business acumen that you bring to Tyreseal.
Since the time invested, finances and resources of individual people vary from person to person, Tyreseal World Limited cannot guarantee the earning potential for ALL people.
An appropriate Distributor Licensee will need to have a strong and proven business background, exceptional leadership and organisational skills and be capable of recruiting and managing a network of agents within the licence region.
If the Distribution Licensee starts up the business in their region without any agents, until they have cultivated a surplus of demand, they will also need experience in direct selling.
Target for your area and more information will be included in the Distribution Information Pack which we can provide if requested.
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