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Tyreseal is the market leader in puncture prevention products, tested by millions of installations worldwide.

Tyreseal is a proven, cost effective solution for lowering the transport costs of a company or private vehicles by increasing the tyre life, improving fuel economy and safety, no more call out charges, no more down time.
Prevents Punctures Permanently Guaranteed, Save money, Save fuel, Increases miles, and Improve safety.

What is Tyreseal?

 Tyreseal is a high performance, high-tech liquid rubber polymer which turns an ordinary tyre into a self-sealing tyre.
Tyreseal is installed before ''the puncture occurs''.

How does it work?

The tyre sealant is injected through the valve of the tyre, forming a protective coat on the inside thread of the tyre.
A punctured object such as a 'nail' penetrates the tyre, the tyre sealant is forced into the hole by the internal pressure of the tyre forming a PERMANENT RUBBER SEAL.

How long will this take to install in a car?

When Tyreseal is installed, it will take approximately 10 minutes per car.

This product works on all Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, Caravans, Agriculture vehicles, Diggers, Quads, Trailers, Lorries, in fact for about any pneumatic tyre.