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Commercial and Off Road Vehicles

Tyreseal  has been developed to be effective and reliable in preventing punctures in the most extreme environments;

Quarries, tipper sites, scrap metal operations, land fill sites, Roads, Off-road.

It is suitable for these vehicles;

Construction vehicles, agricultural, and road haulage, Earthmovers, dumpers, loading shovels, Tractors, Buses, haulage trucks, coaches, trailers, lorries, skip wagons.


Businesses that will benefit from using Tyreseal;

Fleet owners, Mining and quarry industries, Hauliers, Logistics companies, Coach & Bus companies, Local Authorities, Maintenance and ground care companies, Armed forces, recycling and waste management companies.

Tyreseal can reduce tyre maintenance costs.

If an average lorry tyre is under-inflated by 5lb, this represents an:

Increase in tyre wear - 20%
Increase in fuel use - 3%

With under-inflated tyres, you not only pay more for fuel and maintenance, but you lose your current tyre investment faster and have to pay for new tyres or retread sooner.

Tyreseal eliminates under-inflation by sealing all leaks.

With Tyreseal fully installed on commercial vehicles it will save the companies £1000's, like Russel Stones and Power Better £20,000 per year on their full fleet. 


To find out how much it would cost to treat your vehicles get a quote now.